Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wow Cable Tv Hd Receivers Hdmi Why Doesn't My HD-monitor TV Display The HD Signal From My Cable Box?

Why doesn't my HD-monitor TV display the HD signal from my cable box? - wow cable tv hd receivers hdmi

4:3 1080i HDTV, I bought more than 7 years. AT & T Uversa I connected the component cables, and when I changed the configuration of the decoder in one of the options for HD (1080i or 720p calculated) Fig.
After the move we now have WOW! Cable, and connect when using component cable to the receiver to my TV image is encoded (the HD Decoder, and the screen shows the facade, 1080i)

No idea why the image is encrypted? It is the fact that my TV is 4:3 and widescreen, not the problem (perhaps the STB to widescreen print)?


meat said...

Your cable box should have the option of 4:3 in the settings or preferences.

gp4rts said...

Your image should not be encrypted, even if the aspect ratio is wrong. Since this has happened with two different cable boxes, I suspect that something is wrong with the TV. You may need the setup menu and enter an activity all accept 1080i. I had to accept a Hitachi TV that is 1080i, but I had to go in the Video menu to specify that the entry of cables. It may also be able to an aspect ratio of the TV screen, select the height of the image reduced (Hitachi, please my game did).

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